PCSX2 Build Downloads

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are less tested than their stable release counterpart, but do under-go some amount of focused testing. The latest nightly build is equivalent to running the latest commit of the PCSX2 GitHub repository, in other words, you are getting the latest and (hopefully greatest) improvements.

As a result, these releases are intended for those who want to, or require, being on the bleeding edge. Additionally they are a way to get additional testing on changes before they become part of a stable release.

For information on how to use the nightly releases see here.

Nightly Release List
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Pull Request Builds

These are builds of in-progress work that has yet to merge into the projects codebase. Some pull requests may be abandoned for a variety of reasons as well. These builds are for those that are interested in assisting with the testing and code-review process. Otherwise, this provides an at a glance view of what we are working on.

Note that you will require a GitHub account to download these builds from the GitHub Actions CI. And if you are interested in becoming a more official tester, you should consider reaching out in the Discord. If you do end up testing a pull request build and find issues, it is preferrable to describe the issue with steps to reproduce the problem on the pull request itself.

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